Progress Solar Solutions Offers Event Planners A Portable, Outdoor Lighting Option Without Noise, Fumes, Hazardous Carbon Emissions or Light Pollution

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Outdoor event planners strive to provide a safe, and inviting atmosphere for all participants to enjoy. Progress Solar Light Towers provide lighting for evening and night-time events such as state fairs, political events, music festivals, outdoor performing arts, carnivals and community sports events.without the environmental interference associated with diesel light plants. There is no noise, diesel fumes, harmful carbon emissions or light pollution….Just great LED lighting powered by free, renewable energy from the sun. Progress Solar Light Towers are available through most national equipment rental companies.

Progress Solar Solutions, LLC has developed a mobile solar light tower that illuminates large outdoor areas without loud engines or use of diesel fuel. The portable light plant provides bright light powered by clean and free energy from the sun. The towers can be positioned directly adjacent to the area in need of light. There are no fumes from burning fuel or roaring generators. These solar units are safe and do not create hazards like diesel lighting plants. Progress Solar has initiated this new wave of outdoor lighting.
Progress Solar offers a complete portable, outdoor lighting product line for varying uses including a hybrid unit that utilizes a wind turbine. The solar light tower is perfect for outdoor events such as state fairs, political events, music festivals, outdoor performing arts, carnivals and community sports events.
The Progress Solar SLT800 offers bright and portable on-demand lighting. This particular model boasts four custom solid state LED flood lights with high lumen output. The light tower is adjustable from 12-30 feet. The mast rotates 358 degrees and the lights tilt up and down to maintain a thoroughly lit area. The adjustable lighting allows direct, concentrated lighting, as well as, general wide area coverage lighting. Each of the Progress Solar mobile light towers are portable by trailer hitch and are easily operated. With the utilization of LED lights, the tower emits incredible lighting with little power required.
Solar Modules, located on automated wings on each side of the SLT800 unit, collect energy from the sun. Each wing is positioned at an angle to absorb optimal solar energy. Deep-cycle batteries located inside the body of the tower absorb and store the energy to power the lights when needed. The control panel allows users to customize lighting time-cycles or instant on/off option. The LED lights in particular are extremely durable and resistant to shock, vibration, and temperature extremes.
Event planners, production companies, concert venues and city and county events coordinators will appreciate the value. Traditional diesel light towers are loud, emit strong toxic vapors, consume fossil fuels, have moving engine parts and require constant refueling. There really is no comparison between the two when it comes to the safety of event guests and the environment provided by Progress Solar light towers.

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