Progress Solar Solutions Mobile Solar Light Towers Help Outdoor Event Management Companies Save Money And The Environment


Progress Solar Solutions now provides event management companies with great lighting for golf tournaments, marathons, triathlons, outdoor charity fundraisers, corporate events without the noise and fumes. Progress Solar Light Towers are mobile and illuminate large outdoor areas using energy from the sun instead of fossil fuels. Any venue, no matter the location can utilize these light towers on-demand with ease. As an alternative to the traditional diesel light plant, Progress Solar light towers are silent, safe, portable and do not require the high cost for diesel fuel runs or the associated polluting carbon emissions. Progress Solar Light Towers™ are available for rent at most national equipment rental companies throughout the U.S.

June 26, 2012

Progress Solar Solutions, LLC has developed a mobile solar light tower that illuminates large outdoor areas without loud engines or use of diesel fuel. The portable solar light plant provides bright white light powered by clean and free energy from the sun. Event management companies will appreciate the towers can be optimally positioned at any location in need of light. There are no fumes from burning fuel or roaring generators. These solar units are safe and do not create a hazard like diesel lighting plants. In addition to the safety features these solar units are not an eye sore. They are aesthetically appealing as well. Progress Solar initiated this new wave of outdoor lighting.

Progress Solar offers a complete Solar and Wind powered, outdoor lighting product line for varying uses Outdoor events such as corporate golf tournaments to a professional golf tour, the Progress Solar SLT800 and SLT1200 produces bright lighting with incredible coverage. Each of the Progress Solar mobile light towers is portable by trailer hitch and is easily operated.

Using LED lights allows the light tower to run off of minimal energy. Traditional diesel light towers need frequent refueling and maintenance. Solar modules, located on automated wings on each side of the unit, collect energy from the sun. Each wing is positioned at an optimal angle to absorb solar energy. Deep-cycle, no-maintenance batteries located inside the body of the tower absorb and store the energy to power the lights when needed. The light control timer allows users to set automated lighting time-cycles or manually enable instant on/off. The LED lights in particular are extremely strong and resistant to shock, vibration, and temperature extremes.

Event management firms will appreciate the rugged commercial grade light towers for their durability, cost-effectiveness and ease-of-use. Traditional diesel light towers are loud, emit strong toxic vapors, consume fossil fuels, have moving parts and require periodic operator attendance. Progress Solar Solutions has brought to market an incredible product that will eliminate carbon emitting light sources for large outdoor events and help event management firms cost-effectively, go green.

About Progress Solar Solutions™LLC
Progress Solar Solutions, LLC is a privately held company located in Apex, NC that provides high-performance Eco-friendly and cost-effective solar and lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, government and institutional applications. For more information on Progress Solar Solutions, LLC or the Progress Solar Light Tower, call (919) 363-3738 x405 or visit


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