Progress Solar Solutions Mobile Solar Light Towers Are Ideal to Illuminate Outdoor Recreation and Events

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The portable Progress Solar Light Tower is perfect for use at outdoor events such as carnivals, fairs, sporting events, music concerts or festivals, the Progress Solar SLT800 offers bright and portable on-demand lighting without the noise, fumes, carbon emissions and light pollution often associated with diesel light plants. The Progress Solar Light Towers are now available at most national equipment rental companies.

Progress Solar Solutions, LCC has developed a mobile solar light tower that illuminates large outdoor areas with no loud generator or use of diesel fuel. The portable light plant provides bright light powered by clean and free energy from the sun. Each mobile light tower can be positioned as close to the area in need of light as necessary, without the concern of fumes from burning fuel. The light plants are manufactured here in the US and operate independently of diesel fuel, gas or electric grid. Using solar energy will decrease the carbon footprint of any event and cut down on operating costs.
Progress Solar offers a complete product line for varying uses including solar or a hybrid units that utilize a wind turbine. For use at outdoor events such as carnivals, fairs, sporting events, concerts or festivals, the Progress Solar SLT800 offers bright and portable on-demand lighting. This particular model boasts four custom solid state LED flood lights with high lumen output. The light tower is adjustable from 12-30 feet. Its mast rotates 358 degrees and the lights tilt up and down to maintain the perfect lit area. Each of the Progress Solar mobile light towers are portable by trailer hitch and are easily operated. The Progress Solar light plant allows access to lighting at any location no matter how urban or rural.
The light towers emit incredible lighting with very little power required. Solar Modules, located on automated wings on each side of the unit, collect energy from the sun. Each wing is positioned at an angle to absorb optimal solar energy. Deep-cycle batteries located inside the body of the tower absorb and store the energy to power the lights when needed. The control panel allows users to customize lighting time cycles and further energy savings. LED lighting is more efficient then other types of lighting, as well as, more durable and long lasting. These lights in particular are strong and resistant to shock, vibration, and temperature extremes.
Event hosts can utilize this quiet and clean light source for any application. The traditional diesel light towers are loud, emit strong toxic vapors, consume fossil fuels and require constant refueling. There really is no comparison. Dan Robertson, a partner for Progress Solar Solutions, commented, “We are excited about the continued growth of this unique portable solar powered outdoor lighting plant and the reception and repeat orders. It is a perfect fit foe any evening or night, outdoor recreation or event. Everyone benefits when we all take positive steps to reduce eliminate environmental issues like noise, fumes, carbon emissions and light pollution while also virtually eliminating routine operating costs!”

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