Progress Solar Solutions Introduces a Mobile Solar Light Tower That Will Shed Light on Athletes and Tailgaters While Cutting Costs for Outdoor Sports Venues and Events

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Progress Solar Light Towers now provides both sports athletes and fans with great lighting, while providing tailgaters with less noise and fumes. Progress Solar Solutions has introduced a mobile light tower that illuminates large outdoor areas using stored energy from the sun. Arenas, stadiums, universities, high schools and club sports can utilize these light towers on-demand with ease for tournaments, games, practices, etc. As an alternative to the traditional diesel light plant, Progress Solar light towers are silent and, pollution-free. The solar powered generator eliminates the diesel fuel and maintenance required by historically used diesel light towers. The portable Progress Solar Light Towers are now available for rent through most national equipment rental companies throughout the U.S.

June 21, 2012

Progress Solar Solutions, LLC of Apex, NC has brought to market a solar mobile light tower that is strong and powerful enough for commercial use. The light plant was developed in order to illuminate large outdoor areas independent of diesel, gas or electric grid. The portable light plant provides bright white light powered by clean and free energy from the sun. There are no fumes from burning fuel or loud generators that traditionally accompany diesel light towers. The Progress Solar light plant provides bright coverage for sports athletes, tailgaters, portable restroom areas, ticket booth stations, food vendor rows, fields, security tents, poorly lit populated areas, remote parking and sports event locations.

From large arenas and stadiums to universities and amphitheaters, this is a way to move toward using energy conservation methods and sustainable energy practices. For large entities like these, this is a great option to “Go Green” that does not require direct investment. In addition to the light plant being eco-friendly, it is safe and does not create unnecessary hazards. Each tower can provide bright coverage for night or twilight sporting events and concerts. These light plants are silent, cool to the touch and can be positioned anywhere. Diesel light plants have to be placed far enough away from crowds to eliminate the droning noise of the engine, the fumes it emits and the heat it gives off. Progress Solar Solutions has lighting solutions for a club sport practice field, a college championship game or for something as large as the Super Bowl. The Progress Solar light towers are becoming available at most large national rental dealers for easy end user access.

The Progress Solar light tower line is unique. Made in the USA, each plant holds two state of the art solar modules, adjustable for optimal absorption. A fleet of deep-cycle batteries reside inside the unit storing collected energy. Each light plant boasts four custom solid state LED flood lights with high lumen output. The LED lights are made of durable materials that are resistant to shock, vibration and debris. The light fixtures are strong and do not pose the threat of shattering or popping. The mast is adjustable from 12-30 feet and can be easily rotated. The adjustable lighting allows direct, concentrated lighting, as well as, full broad spectrum lighting. Each of the Progress Solar mobile light towers are portable by trailer hitch and can be mounted on any flat surface. The control panel allows the user to easily select lighting times or instant on/off operation. The unit is easy to operate and requires little to no maintenance.

Historically, the only alternative to fixed lighting was a diesel light tower which is expensive, loud and an eye sore. Progress Solar Solution has come to the rescue with a cost-effective, clean burning, quiet, safe and powerful mobile solar light tower. This line of on-demand lighting plants gives venues more flexibility for parking areas, tailgate access, security and safety options. Progress Solar Solutions mobile light towers are creating a better atmosphere and cutting costs for sports athletes, fans, and venues all over the U.S.

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Progress Solar Solutions, LLC is a privately held company located in Apex, NC that provides high-performance eco-friendly and cost-effective solar and lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, government and institutional applications. For more information on Progress Solar Solutions, LLC or the Progress Solar Light Tower, call (919) 363-3738 x405 or visit

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