Federal Government Entities Are Reducing Carbon Emissions, Improving Energy Security and Operating Costs By Converting to Progress Solar (TM) Powered Light Towers


President Obama’s recent Climate Policy has wide reaching implications which has federal entities proactively pursuing cost-effective options to reduce carbon emissions. Many within the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security have recently started making the move from diesel light plants to portable Progress Solar/Wind (TM) Light Towers for mission critical night-time operations that need reliable outdoor lighting.


The Progress Solar/Wind (TM) Light Towers are a great fit for the portable outdoor lighting needs of the Federal government, Department of Defense (DOD), Homeland Security (DHS), FEMA and the State Department. President Obama recently presented the latest version of his Climate Policy. It expanded on the scope of previous plans that reduce carbon emissions. The President stated that the government is open to all ideas to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. It is estimated that the Federal Government routinely operates thousands to tens of thousands of diesel light towers for lighting night-time operations worldwide.

The Progress Solar Light Tower benefits include 1) elimination of noise, carbon emissions and toxic fumes from work-sites improving the environment; 2) energy security by eliminating dependence on fossil fuels; 3) a significant reduction in total life cost since the solar/wind light towers run 100% off free renewable energy and eliminates routine diesel engine maintenance; and 4) improves labor efficiency by eliminating fuel and maintenance trips as well as daily trips to manually turn the lights on/off.The Progress solar and wind powered light towers resemble traditional portable diesel light tower but are powered 100% by free, renewable energy to meet those challenging needs.

The Progress Solar/Wind (TM) SLT(W)1200 series of portable light towers is the most powerful available today. They are made in the U.S. (patent pending) and routinely operate independent of diesel, gas or the electric grid eliminating the use of fossil fuels or generation of carbon emissions. The solar light towers are powered by two on-board, high capacity solar generators and a wind generator, backed up by a rapid AC charger, if ever needed. These units are designed for demanding applications that need to be operational for lighting-on-demand year round for long periods of time. The large battery banks store power for several nights of lighting (up to a 60 hour reserve) to allow use during cloudy days or inclement weather.

The Progress Solar Light Tower is a rugged, mobile light system that provides high-intensity, bright white lighting on-demand, where and when you need it. It is equipped with automated solar wings that can be optimally positioned toward the sun to maximize solar energy gain combined with a wind generator to add additional wind power at night and during inclement weather, a telescoping mast equipped with 4 solid-state LED flood lights with high lumen output; and a long-life Power Module with sealed, AGM, no maintenance, deep-cycle batteries to store energy for use when needed. The light tower is fully adjustable from 12-30ft in height, able to tilt up/down and the mast can be rotated as needed. The solid-state LED flood lights provide a tremendous amount of bright white light, minimize power requirements, provide instant-on/off without flickering, are extremely reliable, vibration and shatter resistant, and designed to provide up to 5x-10x longer run time between bulb changes than high-intensity discharge lights. The maximum power point tracking solar/light control module optimizes solar gain and protects the system from over/under charging. The lights can be turned on/off automatically from a timer, at user-programmable time intervals or manually on-demand. The system is on a portable trailer customized for maximum functionality and convenience and can be easily towed to its destination.

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