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Progress Solar Featured in Rental Management Magazine

Let The Sun Shine May 2015 Towable diesel light plants have historically been considered a must have by many general construction equipment rental companies for their rental fleets. However, like most industries, times change and newer technologies evolve from the industry’s quest for continuous improvement and the need to remain competitive. For portable lighting, a […]

Progress Solar Solutions Partners With McClelland Marketing To Grow Portable Solar Light Tower Sales in West North Central Region of the U.S.

McClelland Marketing to represent Progress Solar(TM) and Progress Solar/Wind(TM) Light Towers selling to construction equipment rental companies and equipment dealers in MO, KS, IA, MN, NE, ND and SD.   August 03, 2012 Progress Solar Solutions™, LLC (manufacturer) is teaming with the McClelland Marketing (manufacturer’s representatives) to represent its popular line of portable Progress Solar™ and […]

Progress Solar Solutions Mobile Solar Light Towers Help Outdoor Event Management Companies Save Money And The Environment

Progress Solar Solutions now provides event management companies with great lighting for golf tournaments, marathons, triathlons, outdoor charity fundraisers, corporate events without the noise and fumes. Progress Solar Light Towers are mobile and illuminate large outdoor areas using energy from the sun instead of fossil fuels. Any venue, no matter the location can utilize these […]

Progress Solar Solutions Introduces a Mobile Solar Light Tower That Will Shed Light on Athletes and Tailgaters While Cutting Costs for Outdoor Sports Venues and Events

Progress Solar Light Towers now provides both sports athletes and fans with great lighting, while providing tailgaters with less noise and fumes. Progress Solar Solutions has introduced a mobile light tower that illuminates large outdoor areas using stored energy from the sun. Arenas, stadiums, universities, high schools and club sports can utilize these light towers […]

Progress Solar Light Towers Offer Local State, City and County Municipalities A Way To Significantly Cut Operating Cost While Providing Their Constituents With A Cleaner, Safer Environment

The Progress Solar Solutions product line can cost-effectively cover the outdoor lighting needs of local municipality events such as outdoor, evening or night community recreational , entertainment, sports and political events of all types, security, remote parking, as well as for community public services like for the police, fire fighters, first responders, disaster recovery or […]

Progress Solar Light Towers Provide Sports Clubs, Schools, Churches and Community Sports Teams On-Demand Lighting For Night Practices and Games

Progress Solar Solutions™ has introduced a mobile, solar powered light tower that illuminates large outdoor areas. Sports teams can position these light towers on-demand, in minutes, with ease. As an alternative to the traditional diesel light plant, Progress Solar light towers are silent, safe and portable. Progress Solar Light Towers are readily available for rent, […]

Progress Solar Light Towers Turn Rock Shows ECO-Friendly

Progress Solar Light Towers now provide the music industry and its fans with an environmentally friendly, crowd-friendly alternative for lighting outdoor, evening musical events and venues. This new technology provides music fans and venues with cost-effective, quiet and pollution free lighting option – NO Noise, NO Toxic Fumes, NO Carbon Emissions, NO expensive diesel fuel […]